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Since 2000, we have provided digital transformation services for hundreds of public agencies. Unlike our competitors, we have never focused on re-selling proprietary software and hardware. Rather, we help our clients avoid paying for proprietary software and hardware licenses by centralizing their records and data in open, extensible, cloud platforms.

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  • We Think Differently

    We help our clients think differently and follow the direction of all technology, which is concentrating data in native and hybrid cloud platforms.

    By partnering with us, you avoid squandering your budget on costly software licenses that require proprietary layers of complexity to avoid becoming obsolete. Don’t let your data be held hostage by software licenses!

  • The Move to the Cloud

    We are proud of the fact that we were one of the earliest adopters of cloud-based document and data management. We built our first native cloud data management solution for Stockton Unified School District in 2002. Since that time, we have developed thousands of cloud-based data and records management solutions for leading public agencies, including Los Angeles County, the California Department of Child Support Services, and the California Department of Natural Resources, among many others.

Statistics for Completed Projects

SyTech's distinction is our creative ability to address the multiple needs of our clients and ultimately smooth out the process of digital transformations. Our array of services helps fill the gaps between efficient new and inefficient legacy processes.

We have performed over 5,000 scanning and technology projects for more than 600 clients across California.

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Development Services28%
Apps and Tools18%

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You need to progress forward through incremental technical steps that enable your data to function in open mobile platforms.

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1DocStop is a Simple and Affordable, Records Management Solution. No Expensive Software or Proprietary Hardware Required.

SyTech uses SharePoint Online to build powerful, scalable, electronic content management (ECM) and records management solutions (ERMS).

Leverage your current Office 365 licenses to build powerful technology solutions around your business process. We use Office 365 to build dynamic, connected productivity platforms.

OneForm is an E-Forms solution that includes everything you need to be successful: technology platform, data storage, eForms design, configuration, and support. Finally eliminate your paper forms problem.

SyTech will scan and index your paper documents into an electronic format. We’ll import your data into one of our cloud-based document management solutions, or we can import the digital records into your existing document management system.

Empower your team to work smarter and faster. SyTech developers build great data and records solutions that help your team do amazing things. Our low-code solutions use Microsoft, Google, and Amazon platforms to create powerful electronic records and data management solutions.

As records accumulate, they can cause compliance, maintenance, and storage problems. Because many records must be retained permanently, the volume of documents that you must manage is overwhelming. SyTech will work with your staff to find the solution to best fit your needs.

Tools and Applications are used by technology developers to quickly scale and dramatically shorten development processes. Quickly stand-up complex front-end capture, back-end integration, data migration, analytics, workflows, and e-Forms processes to seamlessly automate your business.

SyTech's consulting services embraces a new way of working by bringing a diverse group of voices and modern technologies together. We'll collaborate closely with your staff to quickly and efficiently apply innovative solutions to change how business gets done.


Questions Every Organization Should Ask About Records Data and Technology

  • Software or Software as a Service (SaaS)?

    The era of expensive proprietary software licenses is ending. Now technology is rapidly moving all software functions and data to native-cloud platforms.

    According to Gartner Group, by 2024 almost half of all technology spending will be on native cloud technology.

    It's time to think differently about the future of your data. Your problems won’t be fixed by adding more layers of proprietary software or hiring another consultant to re-design your business process. In fact, more proprietary technology layers and software licenses will only make your problem worse. Let SyTech help Move your Records and Data Forward.

  • If you are like most organizations, you create business document, data spreadsheets, and records in either Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs. While most organization use these platforms every day to create their information, few understand how to use these same platforms to build scalable records and data management solutions.

    Use your current cloud platform to move your organization to a new level.

  • Most organizations are wasting time and money working around outdated technology systems. Start moving your data from old systems and put an end to your annual software license costs. SyTech moves data from unproductive systems into open cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google, and Amazon AWS.

    Our technical services organize your records and centralize your data in one location.

  • You work in a complex environment with relentless demands. As your budget shrinks, your data needs grow. Every week there is a new security risk, compliance mandate or program need. You have tried hiring more consultants and purchasing more software licenses, but nothing seems to make a dent. You are always adding a new system or process roll-out that does not fix your problems. Why does it seem like the answer to every solution is to add more software layers and follow-on consulting costs?

  • Are simple tasks like finding paper files and sharing data grinding your business to a halt? Bring back productivity and restore your cohesive business processes.

    Use Microsoft Office 365 to Make Your Records and Data Available to Remote Workers

    Records and Data must be migrated to native cloud platforms. Stop trying to fix, integrate, and work-around broken legacy systems. Do not spend any more money on licenses that bury your data in proprietary software. Use What You Already Have!

  • Today’s world is a giant network built around sharing data and information. Your organization should move information to extensible technology solutions designed around your specific records, data, and business processes. Instead of closed, hierarchical, software systems, you need to move information forward into open cloud platforms. Robust technology ecosystems should be customized around your data processes and specific business functions, not locked in software that forces your organization to operate in costly, outdated, expensive, closed platforms.

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