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Records Management Should be Simple and Affordable

You’ve tried to address records management, but nothing ever gets off the ground. The technology always seems too costly or complicated.

1DocStop is a secure, low-cost, document management solution designed to get you up and running quickly – no hardware or software required. Built on an open Microsoft Azure cloud platform, 1DocStop easily scales to solve your records management needs.

Find Documents Quickly and Easily using 1DocStop

Easy to Use!

  • Intuitive Search
  • Quick Results
  • View the Document

Simple to Use Interface

1DocStop allows you to easily view records. With our simple to use interface you can quickly access the record(s) you're looking for within seconds! No more looking through file cabinets, or boxes trying to find a specific record. Access your records instantly from anywhere!

Take Your Documents With You!

1DocStop is completely cloud based. This allows you the freedom to view your stored records anywhere you have access to the internet. Viewing documents, or uploading new documents no longer needs to be done only at the office. 1DocStop works with any modern tablet!

No longer will you need to make trips back into the office to view or upload new documents!

Intuitive Search

Find your documents quickly and easily within 1DocStop. Every document uploaded into 1DocStop goes through our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process.

​This allows you to search for recognized characters within a document and not just the pre-defined index values.

Make Your Records Management Simple and Affordable

Have you ever tried to address records management, only to find the technology too costly or complicated?

1DocStop offers the solution as a secure, low-cost document management solution. Designed to get your business up and running both quickly and smoothly, 1DocStop does not require any hardware or software; instead, it is built on an open Microsoft Azure cloud platform to easily solve all your records management needs.

Your Digital Path Forward

Don’t try to solve all your records and data management needs at once.

Shifting from paper forms to electronic documents is a process; don’t try to solve all your records and data management needs at once. Take it one technological step at a time.

1DocStop provides a simple, inexpensive technology platform to organize your scanned records and structure any disorganized electronic content. Using 1DocStop, you can begin “Your Digital Path Forward”.


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