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Tools and Applications are used by technology developers to quickly scale and dramatically shorten development processes.

Quickly stand-up complex front-end capture, back-end integration, data migration, analytics, workflows, and e-Forms processes to seamlessly automate your business.

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  • OneForm

    Creating electronic forms to replace paper forms and processes. Services to route and automate manual signature and approval processes.

  • 1DocStop

    A simple, affordable records management platform to archive scanned paper and electronic data. 1DocStop resides in Microsoft Azure.

  • Kofax Express

    Reduce costs and reliance on paper. With Kofax Express, anyone can quickly scan, index and export documents for fast retrieval.

  • Power BI

    Microsoft's business analytics service provides interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities allowing users to create reports and dashboards.

  • Power Automate

    Create automated workflows and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

  • DevOps

    Bring developers, project managers and contributors together to complete software development faster and more efficiently than ever.

  • ExpressLink

    A 1DocStop companion app that uploads files directly into your 1DocStop solution using a watch folder.

  • SharePoint Digital Uploader

    A digital to digital uploader that allows you to index and upload documents directly into your SharePoint ERMS Solution.

Use Technology to Do Unbelievable Things

Our services enable our clients to leverage their data to do unbelievable things and lead with technology innovation. SyTech’s extensible technology and line-of business applications are changing the way our clients serve the public.

Learn how our public clients better conserve natural resources, and protect the most vulnerable. We'll use your data to innovate and find solutions to your toughest problems.

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Don't get Trapped with Proprietary Software

Don't get trapped paying for proprietary features and licenses you’ll never use. Instead, develop extensible cloud solutions that scale with your organization.

Now, it is time to think differently about the future of your data. Your problems won’t be fixed by adding more layers of proprietary software or hiring another consultant to re-design your business process.

Let’s build open, extensible, cloud solutions that are specifically designed around the way you work.

SyTech's Low-Code Development Approach

Our Low-Code Development Minimizes Cost and Compexity

Low-Code Development minimizes development cost, complexity, and coding. Instead of relying on expensive layers of proprietary software, SyTech developers build low-code records and data technology solutions that fully leverage your current technology environment.

SyTech’s Low-Code Development Approach Follows Three Basic Steps:

  • Step1) Leverage Your Current Environment

    SyTech uses your existing business technology environment (like Office 365, Google Docs, or Amazon AWS) to build and configure new capabilities.

    We always leverage your existing licenses first to minimize cost and complexity.

  • Where technical capability gaps still exist, SyTech closes the gaps by finding the right technology tools and applications that exist within your current cloud ecosystem (like Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Amazon Web Services).

    Again, SyTech looks for “quick-wins” that minimize programmatic solutions and accelerate functionality.

  • “Last Mile Development” should look to leverage outside tools and applications before coding. SyTech developers use programmatic solutions to fill the final gaps only when no other platform solution (or application tools) exists.

    Last Mile development should only be used to address unique integration and business automation gaps.


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