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The Business Challenge

As the principal steward of more than 4.5 million acres of land, and with the responsibility of protecting and managing it, the California State Lands Commission (CSLC) had accrued over 200 years of records.

With over 4 million documents and 160 different record types that were all manual and paper-based, the CSLC sought a more efficient means of addressing its business documentation, managing historic state land ownership records, and improving the leasing and permitting process.

The CSLC chose to partner with SyTech Solutions to develop and implement a digital record management system that could create and store an inventory of all relevant/existing CSLC records and allow certain records and GIS-related data to be publicly available through an open-data portal.

The SyTech Solution

Using Microsoft SharePoint Online, the MS stack, and Dynamics, SyTech developed an agile, low-code, Online System for Customer Applications and Records Management (OSCAR) for the California State Lands Commission. OSCAR was a new digital process designed to replace (and automate) a CSLC paper-based parcel location process.

Low-code Microsoft development using SharePoint Online, the Modern Microsoft Stack, and Dynamics minimized cost and leveraged existing licenses. SyTech developed programmatic solutions to address last-mile customization requirements, where there was no available solution within the Microsoft platform.

The system functioned as a line of business applications for the team processing new lease applications. It included both the internal and external facing systems. The external facing system targeted the customer audience and utilized Dynamics Portals and First Data payment solutions.

SyTech developers leveraged Dynamics to manage the business process flow for applications and inquiries for CSLC. It also functioned as a web application for new public inquiry submissions and applications. This was likely one of the first SharePoint Online, Microsoft stack, low-code delivery projects for a large California public agency.

The Result: Streamlining Excellence

California State Lands Commission has gained many benefits through working with SyTech Solutions. Since the development of OSCAR, the CSLC has been able to streamline its business documentation, management of historical state land ownership records and the leasing and permitting process.

Utilizing OSCAR has revolutionized the way the CSLC manages their records and their application process. With one of the first SharePoint Online, Microsoft stack, low-code delivery projects for a large California public agency, the CSLC has thrived as they continue to protect and manage California state lands.