State of California Management Solutions Trusted Vendor For fifteen years, SyTech has been a trusted vendor for the state of California. We transition public agencies inefficient paper-based systems to more efficient electronic data processes.

SyTech scans millions of paper and film records for California state agencies.

Simple, Affordable, Technology Solutions

aleve 220 mg naproxen sodium SyTech also develops simple, affordable, technology solutions to streamline paper and data processes. Our technology solutions include tracking all the lifeguard rescues on California beaches state parks, or automating and moving hospital data from legacy mainframe systems to a completely web based solution.

SyTech prides itself in its antiquated belief of always putting the customer first. Nevertheless, we are consistently recognized for our leading approach to technology receiving the “Best Solution Award” by Government Technology (GTC) in 2006 and again in 2009.Bryan Golden

SyTech has a California Multiple Award Schedule. This is a great tool for state and local agencies, allowing you to place orders directly with us.