Health Care Management Solutions SyTech Promises to Streamline the Medical Industry! 

The 1DocStop Solution

1DocStop promises to securely streamline the way the medical industry maintains health records.

Powered by SyTech Solutions Inc., 1DocStop has long been at the forefront of technological innovation, and this is particularly evidenced by its growth in electronic patient medical records management.

1DocStop Provides Security, Supervision, Compliance, and Ease of Use!

What is 1DocStop?

 1DocStop is a secure, low-cost, document management solution.  Both a platform and code library , 1DocStop is used in diverse ways to streamline document management, data delivery, and mobile application development.

Learn More About the Features of 1DocStop

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1DocStop Prevents electronic health records (EHRs) from being accessed by unauthorized users on both the server and end-user level.

EHRs can be stored on secured servers that can be accessed only by those with the proper credentials.


HIPAA requires that health care providers and hospitals must maintain proper records concerning who has access to the medical records as well as information on those who access the records.

This helps maintain the confidential nature of patient medical records.

1DocStop’s audit trail function lets providers know exactly who and when the EHR was accessed.


Addresses additional compliance issues with HIPAA.

This act requires that hospitals and health care providers maintain detailed patient medical records so that health records are accessible and portable.

Ease of Use

Authorized users can, with a password and valid username, access medical records from any location.

Ultimately, your internal processes will be simplified and your clients will receive better care.