City and County Management Solutions

Serve The Public

get link SyTech will scan and convert your vital records into an electronic format—then import them into an online-hosted records management system. This solution will give citizens 24/7 online access to public documents, such as ordinances, meeting agendas and planning information.

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Organize Internally

see You can also restrict access for internal documents and finally eliminate your cumbersome, paper-based filing system. SyTech’s document management solution allows for secure record storage and ultimate administrative control. Integrated auditing features provide give your office with the ability to track all events associated with documents, including when they have been accessed, altered or shared.

Streamline Business Processes

  • Find, Access and Utilize Information Faster
  • Store and Organize any Document in a Secure, Electronic Format: HR Records, Planning Department Blueprints, Accounts Payable, and more!
  • Eliminate Missing Records, Wasted Time, and Hundreds of Filing Cabinets

Meet the Needs of the Public

  • Provide 24/7 Access to Records Online
  • Improve Communication and Interaction with Citizens

SyTech’s MSAs and CMAS…-rankings-part-2/ SyTech has 3 Master Service Agreements and a California Multiple Award Schedule. These vehicles are great tools for state and local agencies, allowing you to place orders directly with us.