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Documents Taking Over Your Desk? Is your office looking like a storage facility?

For the price of a photocopy (and less than the cost of a new file cabinet), SyTech will pickup, scan, and index vital records into any compatible document management system.

SyTech’s core strength is helping agencies digitize records and implement sound records management processes.  We have completed projects for numerous public and private agencies across California and continue to be their source of document management expertise.

SyTech will provide a flexible document management solution that works for click YOU!

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  • No more wasting time looking through boxes
  • Save space by removing unwanted file cabinets
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Loss protection
  • Public access where applicable
  • Distributed mobile access

What We Scan

SyTech can scan many different document formats.  These formats include but are not limited to:

Paper Scanning

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Large Format Drawings

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Film Scanning

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Paper Scanning

 For the price of a photocopy (and less than the cost of a new file cabinet), SyTech will scan and convert your documents into an electronic format.

We will then index and import your data into our own 1DocStop document management system, or we can import them into your existing document management solution.

Large Format Drawings

Have large format drawings or blueprints that need to be digitally converted?

SyTech can scan virtually any size drawing. We scan documents as wide a 56 inches across and an unlimited length.

Eliminate costly shipping and printing expenses by sharing an electronic version of your large format drawings

Film Scanning

Get rid of dated technology and ensure your information stays useful.

SyTech uses industry leading techniques to scan Microfilm, Microfiche, and Aperture Cards. We can make your old, dated, and even slightly damaged film useful again!

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