Records Management for Educational Institutions

SyTech Provides California Schools With The Tools They Need

Benefits of Document Management There are many benefits from moving paper – based filing systems to electronic record management systems.

Scanning your school records will allow you to instantly retrieve and view records with the simple click of a mouse. Printing, emailing, and faxing your records will become an effortless task. Searching for particular records will turn into a quick process, saving you valuable time that was once spent on manually searching through file cabinets, folders, and boxes of files.

diovan 160 mg protect preis School organizations have to abide by specific laws and school records have particular records retention requirements. SyTech is familiar with the laws and retention requirements behind school records management.

We can help your organization to assess your school documents and develop a records retention program to satisfy legal provisions. Mobile Document Management and Data Delivery

1DocStop is a secure, low-cost, document management solution.  Both a platform and code library go site , 1DocStop is used in diverse ways to streamline document management, data delivery, and mobile application development.

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