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What Is Scan on Demand?

Scan on demand is a cutting edge, time saving service provided by SyTech Solutions.

We store your vital records at our secured facility, only scanning your records when you request a document to be available within our cloud based document management system 1DocStop.

When you request a document, we pull the record from our secured storage location. The pulled document is then scanned and indexed. The document will then be uploaded into 1DocStop where it will immediately be available for search and viewing online.

buy bactrim ds online Don’t Know What’s in Your Boxes?

If you don’t know exactly what’s in your boxes, you’re not alone!

SyTech has extensive experience cataloging files before storage. We continuously build structured data repositories from unstructured, disorganized documents. Repositories can be connected and searched by a single browser, regardless of digital or physical location.

Once organized, the records can be safely stored, and easily found and extended for greater business automation.

Save Space, Time and Money with Scan on Demand

Affordable Records Management

Scan on Demand provides “Seamless Records Management”, a single electronic repository for all your data, regardless of format or location.

Stored Physical records can be easily managed through retention lifecycles, just like electronic files. All for less than traditional off-site file storage and records management services.

SyTech provides physical storage and scan on demand services for Educational Organizations, California State Government, California Cities, California Counties, Community Healthcare and Legal.

Cost Effective

Typically it costs hundreds to scan an average size bankers box. The same box could be stored at our secure climate controlled storage facility for just a few dollars per year.

A small fee is charged only when a document is requested, and the document is pulled scanned, indexed and uploaded.

Secure Facility

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One Stop Document Management

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