Extensible Applications

SyTech offers inexpensive, extensible, document management technology solutions  through the dynamic 1DocStop code library.  SyTech’s 1DocStop Document Management service which manages hundreds of changing business objects with new ones being added daily.  This allow us to build a solution around your existing business model without developer services.  The result is a service that more accurately represents the business process which significantly improves user experience and ultimately ensures user adoption.

One of SyTech’s greatest strengths is our ability to work with end-users to understand the customer experience This guides both our support and development efforts.

o improve the functional requirements of the existing LE Application, SyTech will work on identifying the specific issues that inhibit the end-user performance. Then we will search for methods to modify the cost that produce the highest impact. For instance, our expectation is that end-user functionality can be easily enhanced by working on scripting and presentation layers as opposed to a major code revision.   The development of the changes (as expressed above) will meet all the changes outlined in the RFI scope, specifically identified in Exhibit A.


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Stop “Scaling Up” Your Document Management Licensing costs.  SyTech offers inexpensive, extensible, document management technology, through a platform called 1DocStop.  The power of 1DocStop is that it connects to almost any major document management repository, regardless of source.   Built on web framework, 1DocStop lets you “scale out” your applications instead of “scaling up.”  In other words, you don’t need to purchase additional software licenses or better hardware to improve data delivery and performance.  Once connected, data can be leveraged to create intelligent, more productive, business processes. It acts almost like a reverse API while still maintaining structure.   In addition to 1DocStop, SyTech provides technology services, and web tools, to move data forward.   Ubiquitous, simple, and affordable solutions to connect and leverage data.

Records Management Technology that Provides Connectivity and Intelligence.  Let’s discuss how to affordably and seamlessly move your data forward Move your data forward, contact SyTech.