Simple Document Capture Solution

What is ExpressLink?

ExpressLink is a light weight program designed to work with our cloud based document management system 1DocStop.

ExpressLink allows you to setup “Watch Folders” that will automatically detect and upload any document or file dropped into them. This gives users the ability to quickly upload documents directly into 1DocStop.

ExpressLink can make use of any desktop scanner as well as most Multi-Function Fax/Copier Machines that have the ability to scan to email, network drives, desktop folders, etc.

ExpressLink Watch Folders

ExpressLink Watch Folders are directory locations that ExpressLink monitors.

When ExpressLink finds a new file or document placed within a set watch folder, ExpressLink automatically uploads the document directly into 1DocStop.

Documents uploaded using ExpressLink are sent to the users Dashboard within 1DocStop. The users will then be able to index the uploaded document(s) so they may become searchable.

Mobile Document Management and Data Delivery

1DocStop is a secure, low-cost, document management solution.  Both a platform and code library, 1DocStop is used in diverse ways to streamline document management, data delivery, and mobile application development.

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