go ID Badges with Technology to Authenticate

Know Who Comes On Site

go 1Badge manages your facilities by tracking and authenticating access. Using a simple web based access management solution, you gain the ability to control and monitor vendor, employee, and guest access to your facilities.

where can i buy proscar online Knowing who is on your site allows you to react to the situation in real time.

All facility access can be reported in real time providing you with a current list of all employees or vendors currently on-site.

  • Create ID Badges
  • Track In Real Time Who Is On-Site
  • Manage and Revoke Badges

Create and Track ID Badges

1Badge provides the ability to create ID badges for any need. Employee badges, Vendor tracking badges, Guest badges. The possibilities are endless.

With 1Badge you’re provided with a simple to use web-based interface that allows you to create and track, and revoke any badge.

 Because 1Badge is cloud based, you can track access to your facilities from anywhere, at anytime!

Simple to Use Interface